Ivan and Angel

Ivan and AngelToday’s names of the day are Ivan and Angel.

Ivan is a boy’s name of Russian, Slavic origin. The meaning of Ivan is “God’s grace; God is gracious.” Ivan is actually a variant of the Hebrew name John.

The name is more common in the US than you might think.  In 2009, the name ranked 136 and was most popular in 2004 when Ivan came in at a rank of 117.

Today’s girl name, Angel, is of Greek origin. The meaning of Angel is “messenger; messenger of God.” Angel can also be used as a boy’s name too.

Angel is somewhat common name for a girl. It was last in the most popular top 1000 names in 2009, with a rank of 176. The most popular it has ever been was in 2001 when Angel ranked 104.

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  1. Sire says:

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs in my time but I must admit this is the first time I’ve come across one dedicated to baby names. What a great idea! I’m sure that in time this will turn out to be really popular, especially considering there a lot’s of babies being made every day and therefore lots of parents thinking of baby names.

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